We are Jasmine and Jacek, a husband and wife team working out of our mid-century home in Richmond, California. We met as undergraduate students studying architecture at Berkeley and while we’ve continued to work in the field of architecture, we derive the greatest satisfaction in making leather goods. As in architecture and construction, leathercrafting requires special attention to detail, process, and assembly. Exciting as it is to see an architectural sketch evolve from design to construction to completion, it’s a lengthy process that can take years and many times projects just never get built. With leathercrafting the timeline from idea to completed construction is dramatically shortened and just as rewarding. 

Working Dogs & Son is a family operation named after our two working dogs—Wrangler the Australian Cattle Dog and Mary the Australian Kelpie—and our baby son, Kai. 

We are passionate about purchasing goods and materials MADE IN USA whenever possible, fair working conditions,  and keeping and bringing jobs back to the U.S. which is why you won’t find any component of our products to be made in China. We source our leather from legendary U.S. tanneries such as Horween in Chicago, Illinois; Hermann Oak in St. Louis, Missouri; and Wickett & Craig in Pennsylvania.

Every item starts with cutting the leather out by hand from a cowhide. Our products are all HAND SEWN using the 2-needle method traditionally used in saddle-making, which affords greater strength and durability than machine-stitched goods. Burnishing is the most time-consuming step: all exposed edges are beveled and a burnishing cream is applied and then hand-polished until it’s been absorbed into the leather. Next we coat the edges with natural beeswax and burnish once again by hand until the edges are completely smooth. Our obsessive attention to detail and craftsmanship in architecture translates into every leather good we make.